Knox Hall 1 year 4 months, April 2015. Michelle Hall says that he is the love of their life!


I think the best compliment(s) I have gotten on Banks is that other participants in hunt tests can not believe how beautiful he is, how excellent his temperament is, and how he can be such a good hunting/retrieving dog as he is. People can not believe it. They assume that a dog has to be wild/crazy to be a hunt test/field trial dog. Not so with Banks. Anyway, I will let you know if I am ever that way with Banks so that you can see him.” …Collins Prescott


Chisum Guinn – one year and four months old now. He is growing up and on his way to achieving his Junior Hunt Title.
April, 2009


“Coal is a good, sweet boy and very affectionate and very photogenic”

….Jim Griffin
October, 2008